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Albion Baroque Orchestra

About us

Albion Baroque Orchestra is a new and exciting ensemble that, as its name implies, keeps a focus on music created and performed in Britain in the Baroque. It is our goal to bring to the public some of the fascinating compositions that saw their light in theatres, churches, concert rooms, and courtly functions in Britain during this remarkable period.

Commanding passion: the 'spirit' of the Baroque

At Albion Baroque, we believe that historical performance is not so much about reproducing the sound of the past or using old instruments, as it is about engaging with the ‘spirit’ of Baroque performers. The role of the performer in the Baroque was essential in the ‘completion’ of the music, and composers acknowledged that. A music score is not a closed diagram of instructions, but an open appeal to the performer’s creative acumen and a ‘pretext’ for experimentation with an only goal: emotional expression. Indifference was perhaps the only reaction that Baroque composers wanted to avoid. It is our mission to fulfil that command.

"The intention of musick is not only to please the ear, but to express sentiments, strike the imagination, affect the mind, and command the passions."


Francesco Geminiani: The Art of Playing Violin (London, 1751)

"A standing applause from the audience greeted the ensemble [...] This certainly was an exciting debut concert, demonstrating impressive musical detail and virtuosity on behalf of Albion Baroque, and their guest performers."


Prasanthi Matharu, review of Musick in Britain: The Italian Heritage (BSECS)

Italian heritage [action shot]